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His Side

"So occasionally at The Dawgs (Bulldogs) I would see this Tall Dark Glass of water out on the patio, chilling and enjoying himself with friends. I would often give my famous, “ Come Hither Look” or Flash the Morris Chestnut Smile. Dari would reciprocate a coy smile and move on with his conversations.


Well as the Instagram algorithms would have it, as I was scrolling and happened to see a post of him and his favorite restaurant (Hattie Marie’s) so I decided to slide in the DMs for an invite. So the next day, I invited him over for a bite to eat and my famous House Drink. Needless to say the pandemic sealed the deal! So D’Ari ended up “spending the night” for 9 months…."


His Side

"So everything happened just as Charles said. I used to see him flashing his Morris Chestnut Smile in the Shadows at Bulldogs & I would always give him this high school butterflies in my stomach smile back. He did slide into my Dm's & Hattie Marie's is my favorite place.

However, where our stories vary is that when he did send me a DM, I instantly replied and asked if he wanted to join me & this Negro went GHOST  on me! 

Fast forward a month later (or "next day" as he calls it), he reached back out and invited me over to his house to eat & to try his famous Blue drink. I came over and was shocked that  he cooked not 1 but 2 entrees that evening. I never left after that night!


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